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Welcome to the Dendrolab of the Interdisciplinary Research Platform for Archaeological Science of the University of Vienna!

Since 1993 our laboratory is conducting research and development in the following fields:

  • Recovery and preparation of wooden samples and artefacts
  • Wood species analysis
  • Preparation and analysis of charcoal samples
  • Dendrochronology
  • Underwater-prospection
  • Development of measuring devices for dendrochronological purposes
  • Processing and presentation of wooden objects for use in museum collections


The VIAS Dendrolab offers a broad palette of research methods for the analyis of different wooden objects.

Besides our work on scientific projects we offer our know-how and equipment to companies and individuals.

In addition to the traditional disciplines of wood species analysis and dendrochronology owing to a cooperation with the Institute for Palaeontology of the University of Vienna we have access to modern raster electron microscopes that enable us to conduct complex strutctural analyses.

Another point of interest is the collection and preparation of fossile wood and the preparation und undertaking of underwater prospections.

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